Intensive French courses
Summer 2024

Got time this summer to learn French?

My French Summer is a 12h30 per week intensive online program to learn French language and culture at beginner A1/A2 and intermediate B1/B2 level. July 8 to August 30, 2024.

🎯 This summer, I'll be learning French language and culture!

The Bastille Day celebrations, surfing in Biarritz, the Châteaux de la Loire, Saint-Tropez and its stars… it all makes you want to spend the summer in France, right?

My French Summer is the ideal program if you want to learn or improve your French during the summer and discover French culture and regions.

Every week, you will be able to communicate in French in everyday situations!

Introducing the program 👇


12.5 hours of lessons per week

mornings - 9h-10h15 / 10h45-12h -
or afternoon - 14h-15h15 / 15h45-17h

2 levels available

Beginner A1/A2
Intermediate B1/B2

A communication objective

Order in a restaurant, book a hotel, make a complaint, give your opinion...

Explore France in summer

Travel, from home, to the most beautiful French regions

Focus on an event / curiosity

July 14th, the Olympics, Galeries Lafayette, French chefs...

A test every Friday

Validate, at the end of the week, your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and culture


Program Beginner A1/A2

🎯Greet and introduce yourself in French

Language: first verbs in the present tense (être, avoir, s’appeler, habiter), countries and nationalities, numbers, the alphabet, definite articles.
Culture: The diversity of French regions.
Events: National holiday on July 14 🎆

🎯 Ordering in a restaurant, expressing tastes.

Language: Food and restaurant vocabulary, articles partitifs, quantity.
Culture: Regional gastronomic specialties
Curiosity: History of the Tarte Tropézienne 🍰

🎯 Talk about hobbies, describe activities, invite someone out

Language: Introduction to the passé composé, leisure and sports vocabulary.
Culture: Successful French series and films.
Events : Music festivals 🎵 (Vieilles Charrues, Francofolies, Musilac, Eurockéennes…)

🎯 Ask for directions, book accommodation, take public transport.

Language: Use of the imperative and revision of the passé composé, negation, accommodation and transport vocabulary.
Culture: Popular summer destinations (Côte d’Azur, Alps, South-West, Brittany, Corsica).
Curiosity: Tour of France’s most beautiful villages 🌻

🎯 Buy in stores and talk to the salesperson.

Language: Shopping vocabulary, expressions of price and quantity, présent progressif.
Culture: French brands, local markets, sales in France.
Curiosity: Galeries Lafayette

🎯 Describe your city and your environment

Language: Vocabulary of the city and geography, talk about the weather, adjectives (masculine, feminine, plural).
Culture: Geography of France (regions, DOM TOM etc…) and the French-speaking world.
Curiosity: The Gorges du Verdon

🎯 Talk about future plans, give your opinion

Language: Vocabulary of new technologies, the near future, telephone conversations
Culture: Discussion of new technologies and social networks
Curiosity: Major French inventions that have revolutionized the world 💡

Intermediate B1/B2 program

🎯Se présenter, poser des questions, parler des clichés liés aux nationalités

Langue : Révision des verbes irréguliers au présent, pays et nationalité, prépositions de lieux, pronoms relatifs qui, que, où, adjectifs au féminin et pluriel
Culture : La diversité des régions françaises, sites historiques et patrimoine français (châteaux, monuments, musées)
Evènement : La Fête nationale du 14 juillet 🎆

🎯 Commander au restaurant, exprimer ses goûts, décrire une recette de cuisine.

Langue : Vocabulaire des aliments et du restaurant, les articles partitifs, les adverbes de quantité
Culture : Spécialités gastronomiques régionales et chefs français renommés
Curiosité : Histoire de la Tarte Tropézienne 🍰

🎯 Parler de ses loisirs, décrire des activités, inviter quelqu’un à sortir

Langue : Révision de l’imparfait et alternance avec le passé composé, vocabulaire des loisirs et sports
Culture : Les séries et films français à succès.
Evènement : Les Festivals de musique 🎵 (Vieilles Charrues, Francofolies, Musilac, Eurockéennes…)

🎯 Demander des directions, réserver un hébergement, prendre les transports en commun.

Langue : Futur simple / futur proche, la négation, vocabulaire des hébergements et transports
Culture : Destinations estivales populaires (Côte d’Azur, Alpes, Sud-Ouest, Bretagne, Corse).
Curiosité : Tour des plus beaux villages de France 🌻

🎯 Acheter dans les magasins et dialoguer avec le/la vendeur(se), faire une réclamation.

Langue : Révision du conditionnel présent (politesse), vocabulaire du shopping, expressions de prix et de quantités
Culture : Les marques françaises, les nouveaux modes de consommation
Curiosité : Les Galeries Lafayette

🎯 Décrire sa ville, chercher un logement, exprimer son opinion.

Langue : Révision du subjonctif présent avec “il faut” et les verbes d’opinion, vocabulaire de la ville et du logement, révision des pronoms relatifs simples et composés (qui, que, dont, où, auquel, duquel…)
Culture : Les types de logement en France
Curiosité : Marseille et les Calanques 🤿

🎯 Émettre des hypothèses, faire des projets 

Langue : L’hypothèse (Si je pouvais, je ferais…), vocabulaire des nouvelles technologies, exprimer la cause, la conséquence et le but
Culture : Discussion autour des nouvelles technologies et réseaux sociaux
Curiosité : Les grandes inventions françaises qui ont révolutionné le monde 💡

Formulas and prices


2 consecutive weeks

375 € for 25 h (€15/hr)

4 consecutive weeks

600 € for 50 h (€12/h)

8 weeks (total)

800 € for 80 h (€10/h)

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the courses take place on the ZOOM platform.

All you need is a computer or tablet with a good Internet connection to follow the courses and “travel around France” for a summer 🏖️

Every day, from Monday to Friday, you have 2.5 hours of French lessons (2 x 1.15 hours) in the morning or afternoon (depending on your preferences).

During lessons, you learn and revise grammar and vocabulary according to your level – A1/A2 or B1/B2 – and according to a theme linked to summer in France: travel, leisure, gastronomy…

You also learn to communicate in French in everyday situations such as: going to a restaurant, shopping, booking a hotel…

Classes are organized around practical exercises, role plays, and pair work.

Finally, every Friday, you have a test to validate everything you learned during the week.

YES 😀 I get ALL the students talking! This is why group classes are limited to 10 people.

The live online lessons with me are entirely devoted to oral practice of the language and take place in a caring and warm atmosphere.

My goal is to allow you to communicate in French quickly, easily and with complete confidence.

Each A1/A2 and B1/B2 level lasts 8 weeks.

Both levels start on July 08 and end on August 30.

You can choose to do 2 consecutive weeks, 4 consecutive weeks or 8 weeks (the whole program).

There are 2 levels to choose from:

  • A1/A2 for beginners
  • B1/B2 for intermediates

The program is progressive: the first 4 weeks correspond to levels A1 and B1 respectively, and the last 4 weeks correspond to levels A2 and B2.

At level A1, you are discovering French, know only a few words and have difficulty communicating.

At level B1, you can communicate your needs in French and understand a simple discussion.

Even if your level is A2 or B1+/B2, you can still take weeks 1 to 4 of the program! Choose the weeks that interest you according to the program themes (see program above).

You can choose from 3 packages:

  • 2 consecutive weeks: 375 € for 25 h (15€/h)
  • 4 consecutive weeks: 600 € for 50 h (12€/h)
  • 8 weeks (the whole course): 800 € for 80 h (10€/h)

Payment must be made before the first week of classes.

If the student has already taken at least one week’s course, there will be no refund for that week. Remaining weeks will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

Course payments are made securely by SEPA bank transfer (tax-free in Europe) or PayPal (+20 €).

For 4- and 8-week packages, it is possible to pay in 2 or 3 instalments.

You can register until July 1.

But beware! Places are limited to 10 people per group, don’t waste time registering.

Yes and no 😅

You can only do 2 or 4 weeks (not all 8 weeks of the program).

BUT the 2 or 4 weeks must follow each other! For example, you can choose the 2-week option and do weeks 6 and 7 of the A1/A2 program.

Or do weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the B1/B2 program.

Yes 🎁

  • If you choose the 2-week package, I’ll refund €25 per person invited.
  • If you choose the 4-week package, I’ll refund €50 per person invited.
  • If you choose the 8-week package, I’ll refund €80 per person invited.

When you register, don’t forget to enter the e-mail address of the person(s) you’re inviting in the “Referral” section.

Note that the people you invite must also complete the form for themselves.

If you think you’ll miss just a few lessons, the price is still right.

What’s more, your teacher will send you a daily presentation of the course and the answers to the exercises.

If you’re completely unavailable at the times proposed, the classic group courses (2 x 1h30 per week) may be of interest to you.

What my students say :

Meltem Selçuk
Meltem Selçuk
Alice est une excellente professeure. Elle adapte sa méthodologie en fonction de vos besoins. Elle enseigne la langue ainsi que la culture française. C’est pourquoi les cours sont très intéressants et riches. Je n'ai jamais compris comment le temps passait. Je recommande également sa newsletter et ses podcasts👍🏻
Maria Frangakis
Maria Frangakis
The most knowledgeable, compassionate, and wonderful teacher anyone could wish for. Alice is a beautiful person inside and out; her gentle manner was exactly what I needed to unblock my brain.
Michael Woindrich
Michael Woindrich
Alice, la formatrice en langue française, est exceptionnelle ! Ses cours sont stimulants et enrichissants. Grâce à elle, j'ai pu améliorer mes compétences linguistiques et cela m'a énormément aidé à m'intégrer au pays français. Je recommande vivement !
Maurice WERSON (Depannonline)
Maurice WERSON (Depannonline)
"Sono arrivato di recente in Francia e ho avuto la fortuna di incontrare un'insegnante di francese eccezionale. Grazie al suo insegnamento dedicato e appassionato, ho migliorato rapidamente le mie competenze linguistiche e la mia fiducia nel francese. Crea un ambiente di apprendimento stimolante e incoraggiante, in cui ognuno si sente a proprio agio per esprimersi e fare domande. La sua pazienza e comprensione verso gli studenti non nativi come me sono notevoli. I suoi metodi didattici sono variegati ed efficaci, combinando perfettamente teoria e pratica. Raccomando vivamente questa insegnante di francese a chiunque desideri imparare la lingua con entusiasmo e successo. Grazie infinite per questa esperienza arricchente!"
Ben Kilburn
Ben Kilburn
Alice is an amazing teacher! We found her online, and wound up taking a few lessons in person with her while we were visiting Lyon. We learned a ton - lots of new vocabulary and helpful phrases, but what really helped us was using the phrases in conversation & dialogue. We still have more to learn, and plan to continue classes with Alice online when we return home, but it was a big help to get some more in-person teaching and we have already been able to use many of the phrases and vocabulary in restaurants, at markets, and other places! We'd recommend taking lessons with Alice to anyone visiting Lyon, or looking for a great teacher online.
Gabriela Leon
Gabriela Leon
Expérience incroyable, Alice prend vraiment le temps de faire un cours personnalisé, orienté vers vos besoins. un cours très pratique avec d'excellents résultats
Lilia Lobato
Lilia Lobato
Alice é uma ótima professora e o método é excelente para aprender francês de uma forma prática, com vocabulário do dia a dia e as inserções de gramática necessárias. Os temas abordados são aqueles que você realmente vai precisar ao visitar ou ir morar na França. O método se adapta muito bem às necessidades do aluno. Não é apenas uma professora nativa, Alice tem formação em letras e é uma ótima profissional, com método. Além disso, Alice fala português o que facilita bastante. Estou super satisfeita com as aulas.
Carolina Bianchi
Carolina Bianchi
Alice est une professeure de français très professionnelle et toujours à l'écoute de ses élèves. Les leçons avec Alice sont très agréables !
confraria inconfidentes do vinho
confraria inconfidentes do vinho
Fizemos curso de francês em uma escola de línguas tradicional por 2 anos, mas com o nascimento de nossa filha precisávamos otimizar o tempo para continuarmos aprendendo e decidimos procurar na internet um professor de francês. Na época, não conhecíamos ninguém que fazia francês on-line e para falar a verdade, muitos nos desencorajaram. Logo neste primeiro contato ficamos impressionados com a diferença na pronúncia. Normalmente os professores de cursos presenciais não são nativos da língua e, cometíamos diversos erros. Resolvemos partir para as aulas online com a Alice Academy e, podemos dizer com certeza que foi a nossa melhor escolha para aprender francês. Além da aula ser mais individualizada, o conhecimento da Alice na língua, por ser formada em letras, nos faz aprender a razão da construção das frases. Não somos somente repetidores de palavras e frases, entendemos o por que de cada construção, o que nos faz aprimorar nosso conhecimento, tornando a aprendizagem mais fluida e completa. Além do conhecimento da língua (gramática e vocabulário), as aulas sempre trazem situações atuais da política, economia, entretenimento, gastronomia, turismo, arte... E assim, aprendemos também sobre o dia a dia e cultura do país. Somos muito satisfeitos com a nossa escolha. O curso on-line superou nossas expectativas. Nosso francês segue evoluindo e consideramos que nosso desenvolvimento na fala e escrita se deve a competência profissional, atenção para as nossas necessidades de desenvolvimento na língua e seriedade com que a Alice prepara o curso e isso, nenhum curso tradicional vai nos proporcionar.
Rogerio Cristine
Rogerio Cristine
Posso francamente recomendar os cursos da Alice Academy, especialmente, por ser aluno desde 2016. A dedicação em ensinar e sua didática são complementares ao conhecimento nativo da língua francesa, além da oportunidade de praticar a conversação e compreensão oral. Sempre indico seus cursos às pessoas que querem iniciar ou aprofundar seus estudos na língua francesa.