Enabling communication and understanding between cultures


If I had to sum up my mission with Alice Academy in one sentence, it would be this 🙂

It’s no coincidence that I graduated in translation: it’s important to me that people can express their needs and understand each other despite linguistic and cultural differences.

What I love most about my job is meeting cultures and exchanging with my students 🤗

The student-teacher relationship is above all a human-to-human relationship

Why take a class with me?

✅ to have a method to follow from A to Z

✅ to be guided and corrected on your pronunciation, your oral and written expression

✅ because I am a native French speaker and I live in France

✅ to have the answers to all your questions about the French language and culture

✅ because I am a language student myself (I am also a translator in Italian and Portuguese)

✅ and to learn in a joyful and good mood 🙂

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