Do you want to improve significantly your make proper sentences in feel at ease speaking French?

💡 44 most used French verbs
⏳ conjugated in the present and the past tense

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It would be a lie to say that French conjugation is easy… 

But good news! 

Thanks to this ebook, you will know the conjugation of the most used verbs in French, at the tenses that we use most often: the present and the past (le présent et le passé-composé).

The verb is the central element of any sentence. It allows to situate the time and mode of action, sometimes the gender and the number of the subject.

Knowing multiple verbs allows you to be more accurate when you speak. You are indeed able to express different nuances.

Whatever your level, this e-book has been designed to accompany you on a daily basis and help you be comfortable when speaking French.


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