Alice Academy,
it's a simple but effective recipe!

With video lessons 🎞 , you quietly learn theory (grammar, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation) where 📍 and when ⏲ you want.

To memorize 🧠 what you have just learned and prepare for future lessons, you have interactive exercises to do directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone 📱.

To validate ✅ your knowledge, you have a quiz at the end of each unit 📝.

Every week, you have a live lesson 👩🏻‍🏫 alone or in a group with me (native teacher for 10 years).

During the class, you speak 💬 French and you improve your oral expression and comprehension.

You can ask questions and clarify your doubts 💡 about grammar rules or pronunciation.

The theory 📕, combined with the practice ⚙️: it’s the perfect combination to speak French quickly and correctly! 🏆

Why choose Alice Academy ?

Access the platform 24/7

Everything you need to learn and do is accessible on the platform.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Learn with fun and interaction

Learn more effectively and actively with animated videos and online exercises.
Available on the app.

Maximize your time and energy

No need to worry about missing a class because of personal or professional impediment.
Learn when you are 100% available.

Join a community

Meet other learners to stay motivated and ask for advice.
You learn from home, but you’re not alone.

1. Choose a schedule.

2. I introduce you to the platform.

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