Salut à toi !

I’m Alice.

I created Alice Academy in 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic (!), so that I could teach French anywhere in the world according to my values and sensibilities.

I grew up near Paris and studied Italian literature and translation at the Sorbonne. After a year of Erasmus in Rome, my taste for travel has never left me!

I then moved to Lisbon (Portugal) as a French Assistant in a school, and then to São Paulo (Brazil) where I taught French in French schools for adults and in companies.

Learn a new language, integrate into a new country, discover a new culture...

I’ve been there too! This is why I create my courses following 3 objectives:

🎯 teach vocabulary and grammar with concrete examples

🎯 teach “real French” spoken by the French

🎯 introduce people to French cultural habits

Why take lessons with me?

✅ to have a method to follow from A to Z

✅ to be guided and corrected on your pronunciation, your oral and written expression

✅ because I am of French mother tongue and live in France

✅ to have the answers to all your questions about French language and culture

✅ because I am a language student myself (I am also an Italian and Portuguese translator)

✅ and to learn with joy and good humor 🙂